6 Great Ways To Make Your Honeymoon Very Special

Your honeymoon should be the most amazing travel experience of your lifetime together – a trip that you will remember for decades to come. So don’t just book flights and a hotel and hope it goes well – plan ahead to ensure it is extra special. If your hotel staff knows you are on honeymoon, there will usually be a request put in on your behalf to upgrade you to a better room or suite if available.

Five-star hotels usually put flowers, a bottle of champagne or chocolates in the room on your arrival and may offer extras such as a complimentary private candlelit dinner. Here are other cool ways to make your honeymoon very special.


Pick a Room with Exciting Amenities

It will be easy to take the romance to another level if your accommodations feature invigorating extras like a plunge pool, clawfoot bathtub, or Jacuzzi. Draw a bath, add some rose petals, and then pop open a bottle of your favorite champagne.


Plan Great Restaurant Moments

On your honeymoon, try to book a really nice restaurant for both the first and last nights. Don’t forget to book a table for a romantic dinner together, especially for your first night away. It is a simple but essential element of the perfect honeymoon.Not only will you finish your trip off in style, booking a restaurant for the last night helps you have something to look forward to rather than being sad your honeymoon is almost over.


Pack the Sexy Lingerie

Consider wearing sexy and new lingerie everyday. These surprise wardrobe additions will surely spice things up throughout the trip and keep the sparks flying.Think of themes  which will inspire your new pieces for each night of the honeymoon.


Add Custom Touches

Set the mood by adding little personal details throughout your honeymoon. Ideas include scented candles, chocolates, bath salts, fresh flowers, music, and bubbly. Just a few extra touches in your hotel room can take great ambiance and make it extraordinary.


Couples Massage

A rejuvenating spa session will certainly be a memorable and romantic honeymoon experience for you and your significant other. It’s common now for top spas around the country to offer incredible amenities like romantic suites for two.


Order In

One of the best parts about being on vacation is enjoying the amazing local food. And even though you may be in an incredible destination, your honeymoon also gives you a great excuse to hang out in your room and order in. Try a meal that includes at least one classic aphrodisiac like oysters, avocados or asparagus  to hence your romance mood during your stay.


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