How To Start Styling With African Inspired Pieces

Modern afrocentric styles have become apart of mainstream fashion and are being patronized across the globe. In Africa, style is deeply influenced by culture, and colorful African prints share the African heritage with the rest of the world.Are you new to this whole African print style phenomena but interested in incorporating some prints into your style? This article will be of a great help to you.

Where to Begin

Start by adding printed accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, etc into your looks without overwhelming yourself. Eventually graduate to incorporating pieces like a printed bottom with a plain top, or a printed blazer with a plain bottom. Before you know it you will be a pro at styling and wearing African prints.

What to Wear

You can wear African print dresses every year without any hesitation. With current fashion trends and your body shape in mind, let’s have a look at some of the easiest trends which could be adopted and styled in different ways.

For instance, during bright sunny days, wear light colors like – yellow, peach, light blue and green. Wearing yellow bold floral print looks fresh and takes away heart. Moreover a combination of blue dominated print with some navy blue denim jeans gives a glamorous look. You can accessorize this dress with silver bangles and sandals.

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Batik prints with contemporary touch are on huge demand and are becoming quite popular among African women from past few years. This is an inspirational dress if you are looking for a balance outfit between elegance and sexiness. The stuff of the dress is extremely fabulous and the fabric that is mostly used is cotton as it gives cool and soothing effect to your body.

Skirts matched with Floral African print tops, are perfect for the evening out with friends. It’s one of the trendy outfits at the moment especially when the skirts is a slim fit.

Dressing Up

You can turn African fabric into whatever style you imagine with the help of perfect tailor. It’s true that not all trends look good on all body shapes, so it’s very important to know the right clothes for your body type.

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African dress options are endless, start styling with African inspired pieces. Always look out for timeless pieces it’s said that beauty lies in simplicity

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