How to Pick Your Veil Based On Your Wedding Dress

Veils are iconic bridal accessory, but with so many options to choose from, you must know which one will be right for your wedding dress.

To make the most impact, the trick is knowing what type of veil to pair with what type of wedding dress. While a veil is no longer an absolute must for the modern bride, many engaged women are still choosing to wear them because it adds a lot of glam to your dress when paired correctly. 

The rule of thumb is that the veil you pick should always complement your bridal gown and hairstyle.There are some top secrets that will help you pair your veil with the right kind of gown.


A Heavily Embellished Gown

If you have your heart set on a heavily beaded or embellished dress, you can go one of two ways with your veil. The colour of your veil should match your dress. If you are unable to find an identical shade, a complementary colour works too. For the princess-y bride who loves herself some sparkle, a classic, raw edge cathedral veil with scattered Swarovski that will ‘twinkle’ as you walk down the aisle, it gives a more dramatic entrance. Another option is a veil with minimal matching bead-work along the edge.

Balance is pivotal when pulling your look together, if your lace gown is heavily embellished with rhinestones, chances are a voluminous tulle veil with pearls may clash. Be sure the veil is proportionate to your gown and does not obscure any special detail or focal point.


A Simple-But-Stunning Dress

Choose a veil that accentuate your dress. Simple dresses can benefit from more ornate veils. If you have a simple dress and want to amp up the drama without any embellishments, an angel cut veil trimmed in satin, horsehair or organza will always do the magic. Because, it will frame your face very well, and when it cascades down, you’ll see a spiral of fabric on the edge that gives you that dramatic look and feel.

The fabric of your veil should match that of your dress. For a simple dress, you can pick dressier fabrics like lace. A veil with touches of light lace is also very elegant styled with a simple dress. When in doubt, tulle is always a classic!


A Dress with a Statement Back

A breathtaking ornate or sheer illusion lace back is a popular trend. To show off your backside, a special custom cut cathedral without any accents (beadwork or crystals) in the body of the veil is recommended. Think sheer and chic and remember to steer clear of multiple layers of fabric.

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding day (think fit-and-flare, mermaid gowns and tea-length dresses), a more modern style veil is perfectly appropriate.

Not only should your veil suit your dress, it should complement your face shape as well. Knowing your face shape and what works well with it can be extremely useful (not to mention, flattering).


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