How To Choose Bridal Earrings To Complement Your Wedding Dress

A bride’s wedding day is a momentous occasion. It is one of the most important days of every woman. Your wedding photos will be with you for a long time and your choice of earrings will definitely influence your looks and feel.

Since each aspect of your wedding day is a personal reflection of your life, it is  ideal to match the color of your earrings with your bridal wear.  Here are key tips on choosing bridal earrings to compliment your gown or traditional wear.


Decide On The Length

Deciding the length of the earrings you desire to wear is very important. This involves some knowledge of the shape of your face in addition to your taste in jewelry.

The key to this is to study your jaw line; analyze your most prominent and widest parts and ensure your earrings do flow well with your attire.


Complementing Your Gown

Another aspect to consider when choosing bridal earrings is the other bridal jewelry. If you are not wearing a necklace on your big day, a larger earring can complement your gown. Chandelier earrings, which are more elaborate dangling earrings, would be best worn without a necklace.

Chandelier earrings can be enhanced with gemstones, pearls or crystals. If these bridal earrings are chosen, the earrings become the statement jewelry item.


Choosing The Components

After deciding on a bridal earring style, the next will be the components of the earrings. Many brides choose to wear pearls on their wedding day. Pearl has several reasons for being associated with wedding days including  a symbol of wealth and nobility.


Available Styles

The next step towards choosing the right type of earrings is having an insight of the style available. Whether a simple button earrings, traditional pearl earrings, or dramatic chandelier earrings, the choice is completely in your taste and style.

Your bridal earrings will always hold a special meaning in your heart, especially when you look at your bridal photo or wears your bridal earrings for another occasion, it will present the freshness of that special day.

The best part is that there is no hard and fast rule involved. Try holding up different earrings in front of the mirror and grab the one you think is the finest.

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