9 Striking Jewelry Accessory For Instant Glamour

Simple but striking, jewelry can give everyday basics outfit a new life. This Jewelry essential guide will keep you covered on all occasions and outfits especially where you want to wear a dash of bling. In place of your trendiest fashion jewelry, finish off any look with a pair of simple gold hoops or opt for chunky necklace for instant glamour.

Your jewelry should be versatile as possible to prevent too much attention. Also avoid accessory overload by wearing a rather simple necklace when you wear eye-catching designs.


Collect Classy Stud Earrings

If your outfit or necklace is not giving the desired glam, pull out diamond or Pearl looking studs to finish the outfit in a great style. You can also consider white Pearl, they are classy and pretty to wear with your everyday outfits. Ensure to buy the right shade of stud earrings for a perfect look.


Hoop earrings

For a more simple look, accessorize your hoop earrings in neutral metal, gold or silver depending on the scale of your facial features. Hoop earrings will match with any great outfit without looking sophisticated.


Fun Earrings

Get a pair of fun statement earrings in heart, star round,oval or referred shape. Also look for versatility in color such as bright colors/neutrals.


Dressy Dangle Earrings

Dressy dangle earrings will definitely boost the glam-factor of your cocktail dress or evening gown so make sure you secure them in versatile metal colors and nice shapes. You can also shop outside the box by going for more unique earrings, example dazzling pair of chandelier earrings.


Diamond and Pearl Necklace

Diamond and Pearl Necklace looks amazing with anything,thus from casual to dressy clothes. For a creative trendy look go for long pearl necklace that you can twirl twice around your neck and even create cute knots. Get your style on with our seriously sparkling Peal necklace.


Statement Necklace

Get your statement necklace in a timeless color such as universal turquoise, blue or purple, it doesn’t have to be neutral. spice up your simple everyday wear with a dash of statement necklace to bring a plain tee or dress to life.


Metal Chain Bracelet

Get a beautiful chain bracelet in universal gold or silver to complement your look and discover a great accent to any outfit.


Metal Dress Watch

A simple metal wrist watch in a cool or warm metal is essential. Build it from there with a leather watch and oversize watch if you would like to create a fashion statement. Wearing a timepiece is no longer just about helping you stick to a schedule but for a gorgeous appeal.


Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is an elegant piece since it adds a pop of interest to your outfit. Get this in a versatile gold, silver, brown,black,white and other neutral shades. Pair your everyday and evening wear with accessories for an awesome outlook. Start collecting your jewelry pieces today,nothing is sexier than a beautiful accessory.


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