8 Tips For Mixing Your Prints Like A Pro

Learning how to mix print can be easy, all you need is the right guideline and very soon, you’ll be mixing and matching your florals, stripes, and ginghams. Are you ready to give your style a bold update by mastering the art of mixing prints? lets get going:

Mastering The Basic

When mixing print, always consider perfecting a basic style which will give you an instant glow. For example, mixing plaid and floral or stripes and polka dots is a fresh way to incorporate more possibilities into your wardrobe.


Mix Small With Big Print

Think of prints in terms of their size, and choose a bigger size and a smaller size to go together.

For example, if you have a skirt with a large floral pattern, try pairing it with a thin-striped top. When done right, the harmony between the two, creates a beautiful mix otherwise, your outfit could end up looking very busy.


Follow The 60-30-10 Rule

If you’re mixing three different prints, 60% must be the main color for your look, choose 30% as the secondary color and have the smallest print to make up the last 10 percent. This balances the overall appearance of the prints and keeps them from being too overwhelming.

Example consider mixing a trouser with a large plaid pattern, a top with a medium polka dots print, and statement necklace with a small colorful print, to make up your three different prints shades.


Break Prints With Solid Colours

Sometimes two prints that would otherwise clash need something solid to break them up. Choose a solid color that matches both prints and feature it prominently in between the prints, rather than having the prints layered on top of one another.This gives a beautiful look and prevents you from looking very loud.


Mix Two Similar Prints

This is a great way to mix prints if you’re after a more conservative, monochrome look that works as well in the office as it does on a weekend. For example, if you have a peach and white polka dotted top, trying pairing it with a black and white polka dotted skirt. Prints that are similar in scale but come in slightly different colors can layer beautifully.


Mix Bold Patterns With Neutral-Toned Print

Another great way to incorporate a variety of prints is to choose a bold and a low-contrast pair. This allows you to create an interesting, finished look without too many overwhelming colors.

Stripes can also serve as your neutral canvas for all your prints. Believe it or not, stripes match everything from paisley to ikat to polka dots, so when in doubt, let them be your fallback.


Mix Black And White Prints

You can’t go wrong when you mix two different black and white prints. This is a great option for beginner print mixers. Black and white polka dots look brilliant with black and white stripes or gingham. You can go bold with your print choices if your color scheme is black and white.

You can also add a little colour to your black and white print by going for colourful accessories, scarf or belt. For Instance wear a pair of patterned earrings in a golden shade to complete your look.


Repeat Colors

The most essential thing to remember when mixing prints is that, the prints should have at least one color in common. For example, you can easily combine navy-blue striped trouser and a ginghams with a navy-blue canvas.

Create a bolder look by choosing a less dominant color from one print and match that color with your second print. For example, if you have an ikat print with a touch of rose, pair it with a rose-colored plaid.

Mixing colors like a professional does not mean they should always match, however they must be close enough to create an impression that they were meant to go together.


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