7 Fashion Secrets of Stylish Women

Stepping out the door with style every day is very possible with a carefully planned closet. Being on point and stylish for every occasion should be the highlight and reward for all the effort you put into picking out all your fashion essentials. This is an easy guide to help your every day Styling.

1. Follow The Latest Trends

The Internet and fashion magazines offer latest fashion trends. Just by going through the photos of other people you admire will give you that extra push to be adventurous. Find a few fashionistas whose style you admire, then use their photos as inspiration to create daily looks. Getting out of your comfort zone will get you that extra push to throw on more styles. Find a style that is in trend and works for your personality.

2. Plan Your Outfit In Advance

An easy confidence booster is planning outfits in advance. This will take the worry of what to wear out of the question when running out of time. Always aim at looking gorgeous no matter where you are going.

3. Dress To Suit The Occasion

Every occasions requires multitude of different dress codes. The formality of the occasion is the first thing to consider when choosing a dress for any event, keeping the shape of your body in mind. As a rule of thumb; the most formal evening events usually requires a floor-length evening dress. If you’re ever on the fence about what to wear, consider where you’re going and who you will be meeting. Dressing to suit the occasions will make an amazing and respectful impression on your host.

4. Wear Red Lipstick

Red lips are the little black dress of beautiful and stylish women. Wear a glossy red lipstick as a stand-alone color, or layer it over a matte shade for extra long wear.

You can also look into a stain; lip stains are an up-and-coming in the world of makeup, they are liquid lipstick/gloss hybrid that stains your lips with a matte finish for over 12 hours. If you like using liner, find a shade that’s close to your natural lip color and use it to outline your lips.

For a stylist appeal, avoid getting lipstick on your teeth and prevent “bleeding” by applying a little concealer around the border of your mouth . A well-known fashion stylist hack is swiping on a touch of bright, cherry-red lipstick in a tone that best suits your skin, it is always an instant face brightener.

5. Always Accessorize

Sometimes, less is more accessorize with the right and suitable shoes, diamonds, purses and jewelry.

6. Invest in Basics That Fit

Buying simple outfits can be the foundation of extremely fashionable life style. Investing in designer cloths has long-term value and benefits. Women look great in designer skinny jeans and heels because they are well-made and it’s worth the price.

Sometimes, tights can make legs appear heavier than they really are, the trick is to choose finely knit fabrics and leg-lengthening patterns (like vertical stripes) and to coordinate the shade of the tights with the color of your shoes or boots. You can also opt for hosiery with delicate, feminine, romantic details. Especially slimming shades: black, gray, navy, and chocolate.

7. Wear Bright Shoes

Color packs a huge style punch when it comes to footwear. Your colourful flats can make the same statement just like high heels.

Get yourself beautiful jeans, top and throw on a very stylist flats to make your outfit stunning. You can also liven up a casual outfit with a bright shoe (like mint or cobalt!) in an updated pointed-toe shape.

Stylish women always invest into some good-quality; underwear, dresses, shoes and tops. You don’t need to have your closet packed with a lot of items just make sure what you have is good quality to make you feel incredible, confident and stylish.

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