5 Things Every Bride Should Do Before Her Wedding Night

It’s been a long tiring journey, planning for your wedding. The running around, the planning, the actual wedding day. The best part of your wedding just may happen after the guests go home and you slip out of your fancy clothes. So how do you relax and enjoy the entire process especially when you are all alone with your beloved? You need to prepare before time.

Ensure that you structure how the evening will play out. The more you plan for your  honeymoon, the better it will be! aim at having a lot of fun and enjoying one another. It’s your first night as husband and wife. Make it unforgettable with these 5 awesome tips. 

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Communication Is Key

Decided to take the actual honeymoon right after the wedding. Unless otherwise go right away and start your honeymoon. So you finally walked into your honeymoon hotel, just the two of you. The start of your marriage.

Firstly, real intimacy in marriage is not just about sex. It’s about connecting in all areas – mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Building your friendship during engagement and courtship connects these other areas  making your sexual intimacy beautiful.

Talk about what your expectations are so that you don’t come together with very different ideas of how the wedding night would be like.

Share expectations about when you’ll consummate, but try not to have them about specifics. It takes time to learn what delights the other.

If you’re staying in a hotel room, arrange to have a bouquet of flowers put by the bed, as well as scented candles. You can also sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your sheets. These are all ideas you can talk about to attain an atmosphere which will be conducive for both of you.

Flirt With Each Other During The Wedding.

Sure, you’re busy attending to guests and taking pictures, but take the time to meet each other’s gaze, touch each other’s arm or hand and steal some kisses. These little things keep you focused on each other, and build anticipation as the wedding night approaches.

Prepare Beforehand For A Romantic Bath.

Think rose petals, massage oils and candles, as well as sponges or loofahs to wash each other with. Just turn the water on and enjoy.Take the time to talk about your amazing day. Get romantic.

What To Wear?

You just want something that makes you feel gorgeous. Get simple but classy, something new you picked up just for the occasion, surprise him with a show. Don’t stop at lingerie. Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, men do pay attention to your Beaded jewelry get some nice beads for your waist.

Relax And Enjoy The Process

You can’t just lie there and do nothing.The start of our marriage must be special especially the wedding night.

Relax and enjoy the process from cuddling to eye contact and most importantly meaning every words you say to you spouse.

One of the things you need to begin to learn on your wedding night is to reign in your thoughts and concentrate on the moment. Resist  all thoughts that might be running through your mind –  the guests, the food, the dancing, the music, the ceremony. The wedding night is not the end, but the start of your life together so make it a memorable one with these natural remedies;

Chocolate contains caffeine and a feel-good chemical , which may put you in the mood for sexual intimacy. Also try honey, which contains boron, or oysters, which contain zinc. Those minerals may increase the production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual desire.

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