3 Steps to Starting Your Natural Hair Journey

What happens when you start on your natural hair journey and you experience some struggles? Regardless of hair type – there are several common things that are often overlooked that everyone needs to do in order to have healthy natural hair.

In order to have a successful natural hair journey, here are 3 easy steps to getting started. Before you go off thinking about starting it is important to focus on the finish line.


Get Rid of That Relaxed Hair

Transitioning is the process of no longer using a chemical relaxer and growing your natural hair texture, this can be a difficult period during your natural hair journey.

The transition period is a lengthy process and will take much patience.


Know What Type of Texture You Have

It’s important to understand what type of curls you have to decide which products and methods you should use. Know the difference between waves, curls and coils.

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Hydrated

It is very important to keep your hair hydrated and do deep conditioning regularly. Different products work differently for different hair types, so the best way to find your perfect match is through experiments.

Healthy hair does take time. Achieving and maintaining certain styles also involve commitment. Professional hair stylists who are knowledgeable in natural hair care can be a huge resource to you.

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