12 Closet Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Closet essentials focus on impactful pieces thus foundational items that create the perfect base for your year-round style. With on-the-go lifestyle, all you need are classy, convenient, practical pieces that adjust to your lifestyle. You don’t need trendy, over-the-top clothing to get noticed—your confidence is your best accessory.

The real learning, however, is selecting the best essentials for your lifestyle. So, collect your core basics, based on your day-to-day for a functional closet – Core Closet Essentials:


A Nude Pump

You can get a lot of mileage out of a simple, clean, nude pump. Look for something that’s as close to your natural skin tone as possible, and use it to add sophistication to all-white, all-black, or all-over print looks. Think of these shoes as an extension of your gams!


A Black Pump

This is truly a universal shoe for all occasions! Black bumps works with almost every outfit. Think of them like the LBD (little black dress). It elongates the legs and adds instant sophistication to any boring look. Leather or suede pumps are a matter of choice. A suede closed pumps has a timeless factor, just getting a good suede spray to maintain it’s luxury look is worth the investment.

Flat Leather Sandals

These easy-to-wear sandals are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day. Basic strappy or gladiator leather sandal are ubiquitous shoes to pair up with any look.


A Red Flat

Red flats provide a pop of color and work for every occasion. A little red flat in a ballet style, is just the right amount of colour for an otherwise neutral outfit. As much as it can be paired with a striped shirt and a great top,a lot of outfits and occasions can match a red flat. Bright flats are your go-to alternative to heels.


Ballet Flats

A ballet flat gives a Parisian flair to jeans and dresses. It is a perfect convenience shoe when you want to give your legs a rest from the high heels. Invest in good quality ballet flats and choose ones in a neutral colour for versatility.


Fashion Sneakers

Get a fashionable pair you can pair up with jeans, dresses or skirts for weekends to look stylist. Sneakers are perfect weekend shoes for sporty activities. Give your running shoes the boot with fashionable slip-ons.


A Metallic Clutch

Think of your classic clutch as a piece of jewelry, it is an accessory piece with a function. Get your pouch in gold or silver to spice up your outfit including casuals. Accessorize your evening wardrobe with a sleek, compact bag that’s just big enough to hold your keys, cash and cell phone.


Timeless Watch

A timeless watch is one accessory that’s simply essential for a woman on the go. Invest in a watch that is classic and timeless in its look, which will mix and match well with both formal and casual outfits. You can choose a nice silver, gold or rose gold watch otherwise a good quality leather watch in either black or brown.


A Cross-Body Bag

Every stylish woman should own a medium-size cross-body bag since the right choice is never out off style. Ideally, the bag must have a comfortable, long strap and several pockets to help organise your essentials. A nice cognac or saddle brown leather tends to work with everything, you’ll look put together, and it will keep your papers, cell phone, makeup and more in place.


A Boyish Belt

A classic men’s belt adds flair to even the most casual pair of jeans and works beautifully with a more tailored pant. A worn-in brown leather belt is absolutely vital when adding that touch of effortlessness. For a perfect fit take the pants with you when you shop to make sure the belt fits through the loops. Shop your belt in the men’s department and choose a plain leather band in black or chocolate with a midsize buckle.

A luggage-brown leather belt, either flat or braided, completes a denim ensemble, adds casualness to an all-black outfit, and helps add interest to a flowy sundress. Choose a belt that is good enough to accentuate your waist. If you’re large-busted, opt for a slightly slimmer belt that is not more than 3 inches wide and wear it just below the natural waistline. Whatever your body type, avoid wearing a wide belt over a thick, bulky sweater; instead pair it with sheerer, lightweight fabrics.



In order to simplify your daily accessorizing, always have a good quality pair of classic sunglasses. Get sunglasses that never go out of style and look great with your entire wardrobe. sunglasses are definitely an accessory with purpose—to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Look for frames that accentuate your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle.


Sun Hats

A beautiful sun hat will not only keep aging ultraviolet rays from your face and hair—but with many more designs to choose from these days, it’s an easy way to also show off your personal style.


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